What I've Been Reading Instead of Cleaning My House

Sunday, December 25, 2011


On this Christmas day, I'm pondering on the miracles that have happened in my life:

The neighbor who saw my dead car on the side of the road and me walking and instinctively knew that the kids I carpool home would need a ride home -- even though her kids don't even go to the same school. Thank you.

I couldn't find my cell phone charger. Then my cats knocked down a huge painting in my bedroom and as I went to pick it up, there in a Darth Vader helmet under the fallen painting was my charger. Thank you.

My other neighbor who saw my dead car at the mechanic's and called to see if the other carpool kids would need a ride home. Thank you.

The car that decided to die a few hours AFTER I drove my nephew to the airport so that he wouldn't miss his flight. Thank you.

My work's janitorial crew who forgot to clean out the fridge so I could reclaim my cartons of milk and orange juice that I had left behind the day before. Thank you.

And these are just the ones that happened this week. I think my new year's goal for 2012 is to pay more attention to the many miracles in my life.