What I've Been Reading Instead of Cleaning My House

Saturday, December 13, 2008

We're Having a Heat Wave

Well, we didn't last very long before we caved in and turned on the heat.

I'm not so sure we were saving much energy, anyway. Especially since we were heating up bean bags in the microwave oven to use as bed warmers and sticking the kids' clothes in the dryer every morning to get them hot and toasty before getting dressed.

We have been experimenting with keeping everything unplugged when not in use (though I have to keep reminding the kids that they CAN'T unplug the refrigerator). I'm not sure that we're saving any electricity, but now I've realized how much I depend on my microwave oven clock!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another reason why I don't have a dog

Here's the latest closed-captioning blunder I've noticed on network TV (during a morning show segment on dog care):

Co-host #1: Can you give them a little of the meat off the bone?

Dog Expert: Meat, yes.

Co-host #2: That's OK for them, right?

Dog Expert: You can definitely do that.

Co-host #1: OK.

Co-host #2: But if they get used to eating table food, do they really want to eat what they've got in their bowel?

OK, for some dogs, they may actually be true!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

So this past summer we did an experiment to see if we could go the entire season without turning on our air conditioner.

Well, we did it.

We spent a lot of time in the swimming pool, but we never did turn on that air conditioner. Just doing our part to lessen our carbon footprint and to save on our electric bill.
So this winter my kids want to see if we can go the entire season without turning on our heat. I'm not quite sure if we can do this one, but we've managed so far.

Any bets on when we'll either freeze to death or give in and turn it on?