What I've Been Reading Instead of Cleaning My House

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

What are your guilty pleasures? Not really things that make you feel guilty, but rather things you enjoy that are slightly embarrassing and you find yourself hiding or making sheepish excuses for if someone walks into the room and catches you. Here are some of mine:

Guilty Listening Pleasure -- Tom Jones.
I admit it. I LOVE Tom Jones. How can you not love a Welshman who meows in his songs? Throw those panties, ladies!

Guilty Cinema Pleasure -- Cheesy Mormon movies.
I have to sneak these into the house to avoid Nigel's inevitable eye-rolling and sighing. "The Singles Ward," "The Home Teachers," "Church Ball," etc. I know they're stupid, but I like watching them.

Guilty Eating Pleasure -- Ding Dongs.
They're especially good frozen. The ritual is actually more important than the eating. First, smooth out the foil into one large square (careful, don't rip it!). Then pick all the chocolate frosting off. Then eat all the chocolate cake (this is actually the worst part). Last of all, savor the Crisco-y goodness of the creamy filling. Mmmm.

Guilty Active Pleasure -- Roller Disco.
Not roller blades, not roller derby, but roller skates with the big orange wheels and neon green laces. You know, the kind that you wear with leg warmers. Crank up that Donna Summer and just boogie, oogie, oogie until you just can't boogie no more!*

Guilty TV Pleasure -- "iCarly."
I must admit that I usually watch this with my kids, but there have been a few times when Nigel has caught me watching this alone. His usual question is, "Why are you watching this? The kids are outside playing." I just mumble something about it being on and I can't find the remote. He then will notice the TV remote in my hand and proceed with more eye-rolling. I'm sorry, but the writing is really clever and I have a tiny bit of a crush on Spencer.**

Guilty Reading Pleasure -- Gossip magazines.
I actually look forward to going to the doctor/dentist so I can sit and read People, Us Weekly, Life & Style, etc. Most of the time I have no idea as to who they're talking about, but it's still fun. I'm always early for appointments just so I can have more time to read.

There. Embarrassing, yes. Fun, oh yes! What are your guilty pleasures?

*Yes, I know "Boogie Oogie Oogie" is by A Taste of Honey, not Donna Summer.
**Spencer is the adult on the show -- I do NOT have a crush on a little kid.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another Shopping Score!

I got tired of getting bonked on the head by wayward bags of chocolate chips every time I opened my pantry door, so I decided to buy one of those hang on the door shoe holders to store them all in.*

I headed to Kohl's in their "decorate your dorm room" section. There they had the door shoe holder thingy for $21.99. YIKES!

Luckily, it was half off, so it was only $10.99

Even more lucky, I had a Kohl's gift card (free in the mail) worth $10.00 on any purchase.

So with tax, I ended up only paying $1.06.

From $21.99 to $1.06!!! Whoo-hoo!

*By the way, my pantry looks much more organized now (it works perfectly for storing bags of chocolate chips, envelopes of gravy mix, seasoning envelopes, bags of Lehi Roller Mill mixes, etc.).